Clerk of Court:

Chaz W. Haywood


80 Court Square
Harrisonburg, VA 22802


(540) 564-3126

Office Hours:

8:30 am - 4:30 pm, M-F (excluding holidays)

Version: 2020.1.3

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Rockingham County Virginia
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The Rockingham County Circuit Court Clerk's Office serves Rockingham County and the City of Harrisonburg.
A current listing of available records and images is available on the Rockingham County website.

By accessing our online records, user agrees that in accordance with Virginia Code 17.1-293, data retrieved from the Secure Remote Access System is not to be sold or posted on any other website or in any way redistributed to any third party, and the clerk, in his discretion, may deny secure remote access to ensure compliance with these provisions. However, the data accessed by secure remote access may be included in products or services provided to a third party of the subscriber provided that (i) such data is not made available to the general public and (ii) the subscriber maintains administrative, technical, and security safeguards to protect the confidentiality, integrity, and limited availability of the data.

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